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Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media Covers
..but first, what are social media covers?


  • Have you ever experienced the frustration of searching for a business phone number, email address, or location on a website; in particular, a business social networking site?

If you can relate to this experience, are you aware as to whether it also happens to your prospects or customers when they visit your website?
If your contact information is not easily visible when your social media cover populates, it could result in the loss of a sale or business contact. 

As a viable marketing tool, social media covers are too valuable not to use!
Customers should be able to find contact information easily—whether on a PC or on a mobile device. Many website developers place essential information on the contact page—and rarely elsewhere. With some of the most beautifully constructed websites, essential information is not easily visible. Instead, you see beautiful banner designs that do little to share vital information. An effective social media cover can make the difference between making or breaking a potential business deal. 

Also, wouldn't it be great to use social media covers for special occasions,
observances, and during the holidays as an added touch of appreciation to your customers?
As an Instructional Designer and Technologist, I strive to continually learn new strategies and techniques that will improve upon desired outcomes and results—this includes marketing strategies. Designing effective social media covers, along with the added highlight of displaying observances and holiday features, is another way business owners can enhance overall marketing efforts and improve online business strategies. ​

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Instructional Designer & Technologist | Entrepreneur
​Let's work together to make great things happen!