Eunice A. Christian, Instructional Designer & TECHNOLOGIST, Entrepreneur 

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Independent Distributor of Organo Gold International, Inc.
Premium Gourmet Beverages, Body Management and
Personal Care Products
Body Management &
​Personal Care Products

Independent Distributor of Organo Gold International, Inc.

I believe in using and promoting products and services that interconnect with the goal of paying it forward. The company that I am a part of does just that—its called Organo.*
​I was introduced to Organo through a business contact who shared how this company was doing great things for those who had a mind to succeed. Upon learning more about Organo, having tried the products, it got my attention. 

​While working as an Instructional Designer, having made a major shift in my schedule, my energy level was challenged. After trying samples of various beverages, I was truly impressed. Organo gave me the energy I desired. To add, it is delicious and convenient. ​​I am able to make delicious, premium drinks that contain antioxidants when desired—either hot or cold. In particular, its premium coffee dissolves so easily—I can add it to water, stir,  or shake, and it is ready to drink. No more inconvenience to enjoy flavorful premium coffee!

​What makes the Organo products stand out from the rest?  It has a special ingredient--the Ganoderma mushroom. 

What sold me on the business concept, however, was Organo's passion to help others succeed. Organo not only promotes the financial success of its independent distributors, it has embarked upon a philanthropic mission with a focus upon the well-being of young people around the world. Organo gives back by working diligently towards the edification of children through its OG Cares foundation. 

As an Instructional Designer, I have a passion for helping others succeed. By becoming a customer of Organo, and now as an independent distributor, I not only benefit by enjoying Organo's delicious products, I am an Organo Gold Independent Distributor, and part of a global network of individuals who care about empowering today's youth through educational processes. ​​


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*ORGANO is a trademark and brand of ORGANO CORPORATION.

Let's work together to make great things happen!