Eunice A. Christian, Instructional Designer & TECHNOLOGIST, Entrepreneur 

Let's work together to make great things happen!

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Skills and Attributes | Mission Statement
Creative Works

Instructional Designer & Technologist

Skills and Attributes

  • Proficient working on various databases such as the Decennial Applicants Personnel and Payroll System (DAPPS), the NYS Campaign Finance Board platform, and Blackbaud for fundraising and educational initiatives. 
  • ​Experienced using various applications for social network media promotions.
  • Demonstrated high success working with large workloads, meeting benchmarks, and project deadlines for various organizations and small business owners.
Creative Works
Mission Statement
To aid learners in developing real-life skill sets that will enhance their professional and personal pursuits; to assist stakeholders in achieving organizational goals and objectives. Dedicated to the Ministry of Helps.
  • Windows and MAC Operating Systems
  • Experienced with Adobe CS6 Extended and Adobe CC InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver
  • Knowledge of Adobe Captivate 9
  • Utilized FormSite and Quality Matters Standards tools and processes for the development of online and hybrid curriculum content for CUNY
  • Proficient in Blackboard, eCollege, and other content/learning management systems
  • Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and Bootstrap
  • Microsoft Office Word, Photoshop, Publisher
  1. Typography
  2. Grounded Princess
  3. Red Flower
  4. Eunice's RADDIE Model
  5. Panda Surprise
  6. Coney Island Boardwalk - New York Aquarium
  7. Christmas Tree and Doves
  8. 2018 Fourth of July Celebration!
  9. Storyboard
  10. Statute of Libery
  11. New York, New York
  12. Coney Beach Kite Club
  13. Poster, Flyer
  14. Multiplying Binomials - Teaching Fellows
  15. Red Vinyl Bag Sample for fundraising effort.
  16. Poster / Flyer - "Rock-N-Roll" Nuff said!
  17. birthday cake design with shades of gold
  18. 2019 Happy New Year social cover design
  19. A colorful social cover example with images of structures and shapes.
  20. Image of an orange sky with the bright sun shining through.
Instructional Designer & Technologist | Entrepreneur
​Let's work together to make great things happen!